Robert W. Burrage Shares the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Robert Burrage
2 min readOct 22, 2019


Both employees and employers benefit from a work culture focused on a positive work-life balance; Robert W. Burrage of West Palm Beach explains why

It has become increasingly challenging to maintain a favorable work-life balance in today’s demanding workforce. Employers expect more than ever before from their employees, leaving them hungry for more time at home with their families. Failing to adequately separate work time from personal time can have adverse effects both at work and at home.

Businesses have struggled to attract and retain millennials in the workforce, as young adults seek out new opportunities in remote and freelance work to spend more time with their families. Robert W. Burrage, the owner of RWB Construction Management in West Palm Beach, Florida, believes that building a company’s reputation for good work-life balance can help combat employee retention challenges. Besides, it can save the organization a lot of money, as replacing and training employees is very costly.

Encouraging a good work-life balance helps employees stay healthy and happy. Overworked employees tend to be tired and stressed, which can lead to more illness and time out of work. Over time, this can cause employees to “burnout,” leaving them unable to meet expectations in all aspects of their lives.

When employees find that perfect balance between work and home, company engagement will increase. Robert W. Burrage explains that higher engagement levels lead to better overall performance and dedication to the company. Engaged staff are more likely to go the extra mile in their roles and stay informed on company news and events.

For most people, two salaries are needed to make ends meet. This puts a strain on couples who are raising children or taking care of family members. Robert W. Burrage believes that appreciation and dedication to the family should come above all else. To accomplish this, employers must provide flexibility. Employees should feel encouraged to use vacation days in order to reduce stress and partake in personal events and hobbies.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating from Everglades University with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry to develop managerial leadership, then went on to acquire RWB Construction Management in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to keep the company at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry. To see their portfolio of luxury estates, visit



Robert Burrage

Robert W. Burrage, Founder and CEO of RWB Construction Management, Inc in West Palm Beach, FL