Robert Burrage Shares His Take on the Value of Finding the Right Subcontractors

Robert Burrage
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Robert W Burrage

Subcontractor Guidelines from Robert W. Burrage of West Palm Beach

Any large construction project requires the use of subcontractors, who are individuals or teams from other companies specializing in a specific craft or area of expertise. Establishing a solid relationship with your subcontractors will make all the difference in any project and ensure a top-quality result. Once a steadfast relationship of trust is established, the same subcontractors are likely to work with you for years to come.

1. First things first, put the right team together: subcontractors, architects, designers, project managers, and homeowners. Although concise contracts are the backbone of any valid construction project, people and personalities should always be considered. Configuring a team that will blend well and accentuate each other’s finest qualities is a learned skill. To get this right…listen intently. Know all the players and pay attention to style, tone, and demeanor.

2. Develop trust through knowledge, open communication, and accessibility. Being a knowledgeable general contractor is key. Your subcontractors must trust that you’re in full control and able to “fit the tactic to the terrain”. Conduct efficient meetings that value everyone’s time. Don’t hold a meeting that should have been an email. Also, maintain an environment where your subcontractors feel comfortable expressing their concerns and professional opinions, day or night. For projects to stay on schedule, expediency is always a factor.

3. Anticipate surprises; bake them into the cake. Through experience, a talented GC and subcontractor team can maneuver any hurdle. This synchronistic team will remain in the moment through the eyes of their project managers, while continually guiding others months ahead in planning and ordering…always keeping the grand reveal clearly in mind.

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Robert Burrage

Robert W. Burrage, Founder and CEO of RWB Construction Management, Inc in West Palm Beach, FL